What we do
Development, publishing, and distribution of browser based online games
Operate in 80+ countries
Our products
Massive multiplayer games united in a single portal
Original game play and fascinating design
Different genres for every type of player
40+ languages
25 million registered players
2,000,000 active players
Easy localizable games. Code/Design/Text completely separate
Our team
100+ employees
International team
Young and creative professionals
Located in Sofia Bulgaria
Featured game

The game's simple gameplay and visual style attract many players. The interface is rather simple: several buttons, a couple of different actions, a few minutes a day. This is convenient for office workers, and for all those, who seek a way to while away some free minutes.

The higher ...

Company Localization

Products representation and localization

XS Software, with its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria is expanding worldwide and conquering the international market. Our games are being played around the world and the Internet makes it possible: XS Software games can be played anywhere. Potential language barriers don't stand a chance: the international community of gamers is already profiting from numerous translations of individual games as well as the game portal

Currently, our portfolio covers six online games and our gaming portal The company has more than 100 employees and it operates in more than 80 countries. We are dedicated to providing a level of services to our customers that makes us a leader in browser gaming industry today. Our goal is to provide a quality experience to each of our customers by continuously developing our products, partners, and skills. Therefore we strive to have the highest level of professionalism exemplified through our services by improving our games, supporting and consulting our selection of internationally experienced media partners and maintaining a highly qualified workforce.

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