What we do
Development, publishing, and distribution of browser based online games
Operate in 80+ countries
Our products
Massive multiplayer games united in a single portal
Original game play and fascinating design
Different genres for every type of player
40+ languages
25 million registered players
2,000,000 active players
Easy localizable games. Code/Design/Text completely separate
Our team
100+ employees
International team
Young and creative professionals
Located in Sofia Bulgaria
Featured game

The game's simple gameplay and visual style attract many players. The interface is rather simple: several buttons, a couple of different actions, a few minutes a day. This is convenient for office workers, and for all those, who seek a way to while away some free minutes.

The higher ...

Company Services

XS Software specializes in developing Browser Online Games, which are simply accessible via normal internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The users register for free once and then they can play anytime from any PC – at home, at the office or even on broadband on a laptop in the mountain.

The player does not need to download or install any software, the game engine is positioned on highly secured servers at the XS Software Headquarters.

style and artwork
Constant updates
Original gameplay
Proved profitable
Easy to localize anywhere
Free to play
Fun & interesting
gaming community

XS Software Business Services

Additionally to our entertainment sites portfolio XS Software offers target focused advertising and business solutions.

Localizing Game Content in your country, on your portal

Online games are becoming killer applications in most online business models. Online games enhance the entertainment experience of websites or online portals and build up a strong user attachment to the online space, thus creating high brand recognition.

Our games have passed a successful beta period, they proved to be interesting to public and proved to be profitable. XS Software is looking for trustworthy partners worldwide, who are interested in presenting the web games as their own, operating them and selling them. Please, feel free to contact us in order to explore properly the right solution for your business model.