Games Business Model

The user accesses the game using normal internet browser.
Then the gaming fun begins. Compete with thousands of other players and join the ultimate gaming community.
Behind the scenes our servers run the game and take care of the security and confidentiality of the players.

Browser based web games can be played anywhere at any time using simply an Internet browser like Internet Explorer. There is absolutely no need to have a specific software installed on the player's computer. The games are directly maintained by our team and the players do not need to worry if they have the latest update, because we do that directly on the game servers. There are no license or copyright terms that might be infringed. The games are completely free to play, a player can register in the game by simply filling a web form with their username and password and their virtual hero in the game is created immediately.

Benefits from the games

The player is intrigued by the rich game content.
One can register and start playing right away, all completely free of charge.
In the process of the game, the user has the option to purchase "game credits" - the virtual currency in all of the games. Using the credits, players can buy several features, which help a lot in the game and give advantage in the gameplay.
Optional PREMIUM features:
  • VIP Account status
  • Purchase resources
  • Protection mode
  • + more, game specific