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Lady Popular is online game for girls who love fashion, making friends, shopping, decorating and being creative!

The game offers a virtual equivalent of every girl modern girl`s passion – Fashion. The world of the Mall is limitless. There are over 16 million clothes combinations of ...

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  • December, 2013

    • Christmas Miracles

      The Christmas train has come to Fashion Arena and it's full of treasures and surprises.

      During this month all the ladies have the opportunity to get presents every day by opening the Christmas calendar!

  • November, 2013

  • October, 2013

    • Lady Popular - Spooky Halloween

      Every Lady should have a diary where she writes her fashion thoughts and creative design ideas.

    • Nemexia - Redemption

      When you are preparing your battle plans it is important for you to know the exact power and skill bonuses of your battle and commander ships. This information is already available in the game. Each ship, commander ship and defence has its own information page where you can read more about the...

  • July, 2013

    • Nemexia - Economics

      Developing your empire takes time and efforts. It is hard to start from scratch and predict your profits and expenses after two or three weeks. That is why you can cooperate with other players so you could balance your game and at the same time to have some positive output.

    • Lady Popular - Lady Clubs

      It must be boring playing all on your own! So we decided to give our players the chance to feel the team spirit and enjoy brand new game experience! Our team is extremely excited to introduce the Lady Clubs!

  • June, 2013

  • May, 2013

  • April, 2013

  • March, 2013

    • Nemexia - Game customization

      There are many ways to improve your gaming experience in Nemexia. For instance, you can customize your game to fit your personal needs. One of the coolest things in a game is to allow you to change your most used menus and options in a way you like so you can find it faster and easier. Nemexia...

    • Andromeda 5 - Space has never been so deadly!

      Andromeda 5 is a Unity-based 3D free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is available on several different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, etc.

    • Lady Popular - Springtime

      During the most feminine month of the year we celebrate the beginning of the most attractive and lovely season, when the days become warmer and the sun shines brighter!

    • Khan Wars - Siege Units

      Besieging is an ancient battle tactic, for which every ruler needs the appropriate siege engines. In KhanWars, players have at their disposal 4 type of siege engines and 2 of them can be used to try and destroy an enemy building, after a successful attack.

  • February, 2013

    • Nemexia - Space Elements

      Each galaxy, each system in Nemexia is full of space elements, which we can interact with. Some of them are flying around; others are just standing there and waiting for the arrival of our fleets. Regardless of their type and location they can help us to strengthen our economy.

    • Khan Wars - Cavalry Units

      After we told you about the strengths and weaknesses of infantry and archer units, it is time to turn our attention to the cavalry. These unit types have high speed, good carrying capacity, and excellent attack and defense stats. Furthermore, one of the units is able to gather information...

    • Ladypopular - Lovely Valentine's

      The greatest fashion event is coming - the marvelous Fashion Weeks!

      It's time for fashion!

      For 4 consecutive weeks all our ladies will have the incredible chance to win marvelous outfits!

  • January, 2013

    • Ladypopular - Room of secrets

      According to the Chinese the Year of the Snake starts on 10.02.2013 and we said all the ladies should be ready to celebrate it appropriately. And that's why from 10.01.2013 to 24.01.2013 there was a special store at the Mall - Year of the Snake.

    • Khanwars 5 - Archery Units

      We already got you acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of Infantry units. Now is that time to do the same with Archer units. Their main traits are that they are fast, suitable for stealing resources, cheap and have a medium to high range of attack. All Archers receive a bonus from...

    • Managore - The Guilds

      When the realm was in its dawn, its inhabitants had to find answer to some important questions. Who are they and must they fight constantly to find a winner among the few? Must there be an epic gladiatorial battle, to select a single survivor, who has no other choice, but to die in a battle...

    • Nemexia - The Brilliant Scientists Part 2

      In the deep endless space the only thing that can help you to survive is developing of suitable environment for you and your sidekicks. This can happen only with the help of your brilliant scientists who will research and find the cheapest and unique way to achieve your desires.

  • December, 2012

    • Khanwars 5 - Infantry Units

      In Khan Wars players have, at their disposal, different units types. The types are: infantry, cavalry, archers, siege engines and special units. Their amounts and arrangement on the battlefield depend on each player’s personal preferences and strategy. Today we will take a look at the...

    • Lady Popular - It's Christmas time!

      The magical December is almost away but there are still more surprises that we have prepared for all of the ladies!

    • Managore - Winter has arrived

      After the countless days and nights filled with fiery infernos, the vicious dragon Managore shocked all creatures that inhabit his mystical realm. His fiery elemental power has been replaced by an Icy elemental power and this brought the winter to Managore.

    • Nemexia - The Brilliant Scientists

      In the deep endless space, the only thing that can help you survive is developing a suitable environment for you and your sidekicks. This can happen only with the help of your brilliant scientists, who will research and find the cheapest and unique way to achieve your desires.

  • November, 2012

    Archive - November, 2012
    • Managore - Lord of Devastation

      The shadows have retreated from the Managore realm after you succeeded in defeating the Jack O'Lantern at his own game. With the magnificent rewards you received, the world was built to be an idealistic place, which is about to be ruined. In the far distance you can see the approaching …

    • Ladypopular - Style & the city : November's collection

      Fall is the perfect time to upgrade from skirts and summer dresses to cozy, fluffy jackets, cashmere pullovers and more things that makes us warm.

    • Khanwars 5 - Player interactions

      More than a month has passed since the release of Khan Wars 5. Our efforts to return the Player vs. Player combat into the gameplay spotlight seems to be successful but there is still a long way to go in order to get the player interactions where we want them to be.

    • Nemexia 3.0 - The Space Saga Continues

      The Evolution in the open space has reached its reverse point. After many epic battles, none of the three races succeeded in its plans to dominate the others. Even with the latest technologies, the end of the Great War wasn't near.

    Archive - November, 2012
  • October, 2012

    Archive - October, 2012
    • Nemexia 3.0 Apocalypse

      I. The Renegades - the new alien threat, who keeps the ancient secrets of the best warfare technology in the universe

      II. New flights - Renegade Espionage and Renegade Attack

    • Managore - Trick or treat?

      The times, when the shadows last roamed the earth freely, are now long forgotten. Since these times people have believed in a superstition, that once a year they have to make a special ritual in order to prevent the shadow forces of evil from returning to the realm.

    • Lady Popular Fashion Arena - World of Supermodels

      If you want to live the emotion of being the most popular girl; if you want to show the world your fashion skills and ideas; if you want to feel the unique atmosphere while competing with other fashion icons - Lady Popular Fashion Arena is just for you!

    • Nemexia 2.0 - Space Missions, Part II

      The Missions are very important part of developing your account in the correct direction. The good interaction between the players and planets depends on the wisely chosen missions.

    Archive - October, 2012
  • September, 2012

    Archive - September, 2012
    • Khan Wars - 5 Release notes

      Welcome to the Lands of Conquest. The new version of the award winning medieval online strategy game introduces a brand new clan goal, more emphasis on PvP, new tutorial and quest systems, changes to knight items, changes to army statistics and a great new user interface. For more info please...

    • Lady Popular - Globe

      New season, new emotions! Get ready for the upcoming fashion storm!

      Lady Popular team invites all of our players to visit some of the most exotic countries and win great rewards!

    • Scandal is now HERE

      XS Software представя най-новата си игра "Скандал" – динамична ролева игра, специално разработена за меломаните от цял свят! Ако сте пристрастен почитател на рок...

    • Khanwars - Lands of Conquest

      The Invasion of the Ghost Khan has come to an end. With the lands freed from his tyranny the players can now focus on their enemies and the fight over territory and castles. The battle has never been so intense and the stakes have never been so high - rewriting medieval history!

    • Managore - Heroes' Artifacts

      The realm of Managore offers endless possibilities to anyone who wants to become a great leader. Apart from the countless epic battles with numerous enemy armies, each ruler can prove their own personal combat abilities by dueling other players at the Arena.

    Archive - September, 2012
  • August, 2012

    Archive - August, 2012 Archive - August, 2012
  • July, 2012

    Archive - July, 2012
    • Khanwars - Plans for the Future

      Khan Wars 5 has been officially announced. Coming with a renewed vision, the fifth installment of the famous award winning game by XS Software will introduce new mechanics and polish already implemented gameplay features in an effort to win the hearts and minds of veteran and newbie players...

    • Lady Popular - Acorn isle

      In the middle of the hot summer, Lady Popular team is about to surprise you with something cool and icy.

      All Ladies will have the chance to take part in the brand new adventure - Acorn Isle!

    • Managore - Fire and Ice

      A rumor has been spreading, throughout the kingdoms of Managore, about a mystic northern people, that live in the distant ice deserts. The common belief is this is nothing more than a myth, used to scare naughty children.

    Archive - July, 2012
  • June, 2012

    Archive - June, 2012
    • Lady Championship

      The month of the fairy tales in Lady Popular is over and this put an end to the unique Gold Fever event which took its place in all of our ladies' hearts! After the fairest month we are changing the direction and we're jumping right into all of the excitement which June is about to offer!

    • BattleSpell is LIVE!

      XS Software с гордост ви представя играта "Battlespell" - фентъзи дуел игра с карти, създадена и публикувана в съвместно партньорство на XS Software и CrystalPlay.

    • Managore - Tips and Tricks

      You have entered the world of Managore and constructed your first buildings? You got acquainted with the Mentor and saw the Guilds in the game? You're not thinking that is it, are you? There is a lot more to see! In Managore there are 57 buildings, 54 units and 18 heroes.

    • Nemexia 2.0 - Noxis

      The Noxis are shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known about their origin, except that they appeared when a huge star named VY Canis Majoris went super nova. It is not known whether the explosion released them from the inside of the star or it transported them in some way.

    Archive - June, 2012
  • May, 2012

    Archive - May, 2012
    • Khanwars 4.5.1 - Hot Fixes

      We decided the races need a bit more balancing. While on the task we remembered that for some time now we were unhappy with the damage/cost ratio between our crossbow and longbow archers.

    • Nemexia 2.5 - Release Notes

      Release notes for the latest update of Nemexia which includes changes on Espionage, Flights, Trade Center, Auction, Sitters and even player's profile!

    • Managore 1.1 - Release Notes

      Welcome to a new Managore realm - where fantasy can become reality, where there are evil adversaries and good friends, where nothing is the same. New version of your favorite game by XS Software!

    • Lady Popular - Fairest of the month

      Once upon a time there was a fairy castle where an evil queen lived with her step-daughter. The little girl was very beautiful but the evil queen was so vain that she couldn't bare someone to be more beautiful than her.

    • Khanwars 4.5 - Release Notes

      The time has come for us to make another improvement to your favorite online browser strategy game. The latest version - KhanWars 4.5 - will have some new features which aim at making the game even more exciting and fun.

    • Nemexia 2.0 - Terteths

      The Terteths were created, by humans, to serve as workers. Fortunately for them, people made them too intelligent and they rebelled and left in a matter of weeks. Since then the Terteths are following their own path of development. The intelligence bestowed by the humans was enough for them to...

    • The New Realm of Managore

      The Realm of Managore had started to change in the last month and this was noticeable to its inhabitants. The changes were gradual, but were important and this made the folk even more aware of them. With every passing day the curiosity of the people, as to what will happen, grew. The fear of...

    Archive - May, 2012
  • April, 2012

    Archive - April, 2012
    • Nemexia 2.0 - Confederation

      The Confederation is what is left of the human race. Humans were in a state of perpetual progress, at least, until they invented their greatest creation - the Terteths, powerful and intelligent humanoid robot workers. While improving their capabilities people made the oldest mistake in the...

    • Khan Wars - Knight abilities in version 4.5

      With new versions of Khan Wars we continue to implement more features to the knights in the game. We want them to be very important for the victory and the first steps we are going to take are giving them more abilities and letting our players choose between new strategies.

      Each time...

    • Managore - Orcs

      Since times immemorial a rumor has been spreading, about a group of extraordinary creatures. The rumor has gone so far as to becoming a myth. The myth of the Orcs is present in a wide range of fictitious works of art, but they come to life only here – in the Realm of Managore.

    Archive - April, 2012
  • March, 2012

    Archive - March, 2012
    • Nemexia 2.0 - Defensive units

      Defenses are battle units, but they are quite different from ships. The main difference is that while ships are sent on Flights in open space, defense units always remain on the Planet they are protecting, they can't leave it. Defense units have certain characteristics which determine how...

    • Khan Wars - Trading changes

      In medieval times trading was not an easy occupation because of the many barriers presented by bad communications, robbers and pirates, political boundaries, currency problems, tolls and customs. Precious resources were transported by land and sea by the brave and often avid opportunists that...

    • Managore - The deadly charm of the heroines

      After the long chilling winter in the realm of Managore, the sun is finally showing from behind the clouds. The snow and ice are melting and are uncovering the gloomy cemeteries, the forest filled with mystic creatures and the seemingly endless deserts. But spring was not coming on its...

    • Lady Popular - Spring Power

      Variety of colors, excitement, fashion and style - this is sign of Lady Popular in March! In the beginning of the Ladies' month atmosphere in Lady Popular becomes even more stylish and feminine.

    Archive - March, 2012
  • February, 2012

    Archive - February, 2012
    • Nemexia 2.0 - Battle ships

      After learning how to use the Civilian types of ships in Nemexia, now it's time for some heavy artillery. Let's have a close look on the Battle types of ships so you can understand how they work before sending them to pillage and plunder the planets of the enemies.

    • Managore - The Black Water Dragon

      The calendar is now showing the year 2012 in the world of Managore. On January 23-rd the year of the fifth sign in the Chinese zodiacal calendar – the Dragon – begins. Not just any dragon – but the Water Dragon.

    • Khan Wars 4.2 announced

      Hello, dear players. The time has come for us to make another improvement to your favorite online browser strategy game. The latest version – KhanWars 4.2 - will have some new features which aim at making the game even more exciting and fun. One of the main goals with this new version is to...

    • Lady Popular - Love is in the air

      After the exciting start of the year 2012 with the event Fashion Diaries and the Winter collection designed for the ladies who want to keep their style during the coldest days of the year, all ladies are looking forward to the new surprises Lady Popular Team has prepared for the month of love...

    Archive - February, 2012
  • January, 2012

    Archive - January, 2012
    • Nemexia 2.0 - Civilian ships

      In Nemexia, ships are the device thanks to which players interact. Ships are sent on Flights, in which they fulfill different types of missions. Every type of ship has certain characteristics which determine how powerful, resilient, fast, etc. a ship is and what its primary function will be....

    • Khan Wars - Daily reward

      What would you do if every day there was a new surprise waiting for you in Khan Wars? Unimaginable riches waiting inside an ancient chest for you to pick up. Treasures that can change the tide of battles and help you build a stronger kingdom and defend it.

    • Lady Popular - Glamour and Fashion in 2012

      December is the month of miracles and surprises and Lady Popular players had the chance to experience all that.

      The event "Fashion around the World" took the Ladies to an incredible journey to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

    • Managore - The rise of the Undead

      All throughout the dark tomb a whisper in an unknown language was echoing… The powerful Sorcskythe mage was summoning the powers of evil and prepared the armies for battle. The curses of the Sorcskythe have fallen upon the most renowned warriors that served their enemies. Nobody could hide...

    Archive - January, 2012
  • December, 2011

    Archive - December, 2011
    • Nemexia 2.0 - Daily rewards

      Every player in Nemexia has the chance to receive a precious free reward for every single day spent in the game. And luck is not needed here, because all you need to do is just to log in and claim it – simple and easy. You can always keep an eye on your weekly progress; just click on the new...

    • Khanwars - Defensive Structures

      Wise rulers in medieval times knew the importance of well-defended impenetrable fortresses that could withstand being besieged for months by much stronger attacking armies. Many weary military campaigns met dire losses by handful of defenders that constantly showered besieging troops with...

    • Managore - Ice Dragon

      After the countless days and nights filled with fiery infernos, the vicious dragon Managore shocked all creatures that inhabit his mystical realm. His fiery elemental power has been replaced by and Icy elemental power and this brought the winter to Managore. The green elfish groves have...

    Archive - December, 2011
  • November, 2011

    Archive - November, 2011
    • Ladypopular - Wedding after dark

      During the month of November all Lady Popular players have the incredible chance to experience the power of love. The new thrilling event "Wedding after dark" is the main reason for the whole community's good mood and excitement.

    • Nemexia 2.0 - Commander ships

      The Commander ships in Nemexia Evolution represent a new breed of special units which can easily become a favorite part of each player's arsenal. Their function is to command the entire fleet in battle, improving its capabilities by providing a certain bonus to the attack damage, life points,...

    • Khanwars - Strategies

      In the beginning of the game every player chooses a territory on which to start the development of his castle. Everyone has the possibility to choose a strategy for progress, depending on his game style - defensive or offensive. The game provides variety of possibilities in many ways for every...

    • Managore - Elves race

      The mysticism is one of many advantages you can get in Managore. When the night falls, strange things were calling from the depth of the forest. Since, the Elves are hunters, they were waiting in the woods, with the best archers in the whole Realm, to shoot through the heart of the incoming...

    • Halloween in Ladypopular

      In October, the month of supernatural, Lady Popular offered new exciting moments for its community. Lady Popular team created especially for the players a brand new type of event for Halloween. A new city - the Ghost city, was built and new surprises were waiting its visitors. The Ghost city...

    • Races rebalance in Khanwars 4.0

      Now that Khan Wars 4 is out we finally started playing the new version and quickly noticed a few anticipated changes. The correct choice of nation is the key to each player's success.

    • Nemexia 2.0 - Admirals

      One of the most interesting new features which you can find in Nemexia Evolution, is the Admiral - your personal leader unit. Thanks to him, you will gain access to new abilities and therefore - you will have the possibility to improve your tactics or even better, to add new ones in the list.

    Archive - November, 2011
  • October, 2011

    Archive - October, 2011
    • Khan Wars 4 - Game of Thrones

      After almost a year of its last update, XS Software announced the latest version of Khan Wars: 4.0 which is one of the most popular web strategy free to play games ever created. "We really want our game to be true to the medieval setting it is based on and we plan to stick to this theme even...

    • Managore - Preview

      In the depths of a mythic world, the one and only opportunity for success is to become a hero. There the villagers will throw you up in the air shouting "hooray..." and the princess will whisper "My hero, my hero!". Step inside the portal and enter this magical world. You are the chosen one....

    • Nemexia 2 - Evolution

      In times of technological advancement and great innovations, the evolution of warfare and tactical development is breaking the limits. Soon your empire will become a part of a new stage in the space history. In brief, here is what to expect in the new version of Nemexia:

    • Lady Popular - Preview

      Every girl dreams to become a smart, talented and successful woman. Lady Popular is a free online game for girls that offers you this opportunity. Join this glamorous world and go through the adventure called Lady Popular with all the possibilities that this fashion game offers!

    Archive - October, 2011