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The game's simple gameplay and visual style attract many players. The interface is rather simple: several buttons, a couple of different actions, a few minutes a day. This is convenient for office workers, and for all those, who seek a way to while away some free minutes.

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Games Tropicalla

Licensed game To be released
  • Technology: ActionScript, Stage3D with Starling, Java, JavaScript
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: No
  • Multilanguage: Coming Soon

Tropicalla is a Free to Play social survival game featuring humorous and engaging story line set in unique funny environment on deserted tropical island.

You are placed in a situation where you have to survive on your own after a plane crash without the luxuries of the modern civilization. Just like in a reality show you must gather row materials convert them into tools and complex supplies in order to build a camp which as the time goes by can grow to a small settlement.

With your progress through the game you will be granted the opportunity to discover and manage new characters. Each character has unique personality and will drive you in different direction when you develop your settlement.

With the growing of your community, you will have to make the settlement not only practical but beautiful and recreational. After a good time of work, the character will need to spend some time in a special fun building where they will gain happiness.

The charming environment of the tropical island is not missing its dangers. You will have numerous encounters with the local wild life and also some native inhabitants. To deal with the threads you will have to forge some weapons or build defenses around your settlement.

While you are trying to build a functional community you will also have to gather some clues and reveal the mystery of the plane crash. The clues can be found by following the intriguing story line which will grow to be even more complex with the discovering of every new character.

Key facts and Game features:

  • Free to play
  • Casual social game
  • Available for cross platforms: iOS, web
  • Fun art style
  • Engaging story line
  • Complex crafting system
  • Building a survival camp from scratch
  • Exploring vast wild environment
  • Managing several characters