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You are placed in a situation where you have to survive on your own after a plane crash without the luxuries of the modern ...

Games Nemexia

Space online strategy game
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  • Technology: PHP/JavaScript/AJAX
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: Yes
  • Multilanguage: Yes

Nemexia is a web-based online space strategy game. Each player starts with single planet and a small amount of resources and ships. Then you can develop your own personal empire. Do not misss to develop your economic and military structure. Play with thousands other players from all over the world, find friends and defeat your enemies.

You can choose between three different races - Confederation, Terteths and Noxis. You can construct various economic and military buildings, as well as many war, civilian and commander ships. Personalize your Admiral, choose your battle tactics, colonize more planets, join a powerful alliance and fight for the Game goal together.

Key facts and Game features:

  • Free online browser game
  • Released: November 2009
  • More than 500 000 registered players and their number is increasing every day
  • Thrilling and interesting game play
  • Three completely different races
  • Over 60 ground and air battle units
  • Possibility to play anywhere, anytime, directly through your browser with no need to download anything
  • Vast amount of quality graphics
  • Complex battle system
  • Free customizing of the player`s account
  • Unique Interface, bringing the normal PC games into your browser
  • Vast solo and team play opportunities