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Time for you to become a real-life hero! Create your own hero or heroine and design a costume ...

Games Lady Popular

Fashion online game
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  • Technology: PHP/JavaScript/AJAX
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: Yes
  • Multilanguage: Yes

Lady Popular is online game for girls who love fashion, making friends, shopping, decorating and being creative!

The game offers a virtual equivalent of every girl modern girl`s passion – Fashion. The world of the Mall is limitless. There are over 16 million clothes combinations of all sorts of branded/designer clothes, many shoes, bags, bracelets, earrings, rings and different accessories. The player can select the colour of each item in the Mall.

This is also a great opportunity for people who have always wanted to create and manage super models. You can change the make-up and hairstyle of the Lady every day and dress her the way you wish.

Great advertisement opportunities

Imagine the best cosmetics or fashion clothes in Lady Popular branded with your company name. Each player will spend days and nights playing, trying to reach your branded in-game element, which will ensure her success. We can offer in-game billboard, bonus items and many other ways to promote and increase your brand loyalty.

In-Game Advertising offers you the opportunity to position your target group into a closer interaction with your brand, thus establishing a positive image, brand recognition and dialogue with the players

Key facts

  • Free to play
  • No installation
  • Original and well-balanced gameplay
  • Product placement opportunities
  • Profitable business model based on items selling
  • Considerable financial results
  • 50 000 000 combinations of Ladies` outfits
  • Hairstyles, makeup and fashion accessories
  • Over 5 000 000 registrations
  • 20 000 000 visits per month
  • Members from 60 countries
  • Over 90% of registered users are female