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Amber Bone is online tower defence game set in a prehistoric world with comedy mood. You can enjoy its stunning graphics, catchy music and funny sounds. And our dinosaurs are awesome.

The game is about defending your base, through building towers, against hordes of hungry monsters and ...

Games Sofia Wars

  • Technology: PHP/JavaScript/AJAX
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: Yes
  • Multilanguage: Yes

Cynical game about life in the big city!

Sofia Wars - Cynical MMORPG browser game, which main theme is life a modern megapolis.

The story, fights, locations, characters, items - everything is full of internet memes and topical jokes spirit.

Players are divided into two parties - residents & migrants, and each side has its own story. The characters must conquer the city having almost nothing in their pockets in the beginning. Character improves by gaining experience points for the actions in the game. With each level up, players gain access to new items, locations, features and game strategies.

The game has interesting PVP and PVE fight system. It is interesting for casual and hardcore players.

You can play for any device as long as you have internet connection. The audience is wide and according to statistics includes players at age from 15 to 50.

Key facts and Game features:

  • Free online browser game
  • No installation
  • Can be played on mobile devices
  • Original and well-balanced gameplay
  • Product placement opportunities
  • The game is endless
  • Large quest system
  • Regular updates