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Andromeda 5 is a Unity-based 3D free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is available on several different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, etc. The universe of Andromeda 5 allows every player to live his dream as a great leader of his faction ...

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Licensed game
  • Technology: ActionScript3, PHP
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: No
  • Multilanguage: Coming Soon

The game's simple gameplay and visual style attract many players. The interface is rather simple: several buttons, a couple of different actions, a few minutes a day. This is convenient for office workers, and for all those, who seek a way to while away some free minutes.

The higher player's level is, the more locations and abilities the player has. Striking up acquaintances and getting used to the game's interface, the player begins to spend more time in the game, than planned, without taking notice of it.

The main principle and the main idea of the game is plundering other players resources when engaged in combat with them. Almost every action in the game aims at getting bonuses for the combat skills and statistics of the character.

As there are many ways to hide one's resources, the most interesting part of the game is picking a moment, when you can catch the opponent unawares and collect as many resources as you can.