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Andromeda 5 is a Unity-based 3D free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is available on several different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, etc. The universe of Andromeda 5 allows every player to live his dream as a great leader of his faction ...

Games Amber Bone

Prehistoric online tower defence To be released
  • Technology: PHP/JavaScript/AJAX
  • Database engine: MySQL
  • Template engine: Yes
  • Multilanguage: Yes

Amber Bone is online tower defence game set in a prehistoric world with comedy mood. You can enjoy its stunning graphics, catchy music and funny sounds. And our dinosaurs are awesome.

The game is about defending your base, through building towers, against hordes of hungry monsters and evil thugs who want to steal your food. While playing you earn stars and "amber" (the in-game currency), which can be used to upgrade your towers and buy usable items from the shop. We created a game for the whole family, you can enjoy it with your kids, in your car 'till you are stuck in traffic, at home while the commercials and you can play it offline!

Key facts and Game features:

  • Free to play demo
  • Available for cross platforms: iOS, web
  • No installation
  • Funny scenes
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Profitable business model based on in-app purchases
  • Stunning artwork
  • Pleasing music
  • Funny sounds