Join now and rewrite the history of the medieval world!

If you like competition and strategy games, then you have come to the right place.

Khan Wars has all the classical elements of an excellent multiplayer strategy game, including developing a mighty empire, establishing a powerful army, crafting cunning strategies and most importantly - fighting other players!

Your main goal in Khan Wars is to handpick a mighty medieval nation and defeat all other players in order to dominate the medieval world.

Enter into the merciless medieval age NOW and test your skills against some of the most experienced gamers in the world!

40,000,000 players

14unique nations

100+ strategic battle formations

18 languages


Welcome to your medieval city! Your people await you to show them the best path of economic and military growth. Use your talent and lead them to victory.


Make your choice and pick the best nation for you. You can select from 13 unique nations, each having plenty of bonuses that significantly boost your progress.


Compete with other players on the battlefield by using thousands of different battle tactics. You can modify literally every detail of your army to maximize its performance.


Diplomacy is far more important than it may appear! Teamwork is essential and you must find the best team to play with. Spread your domain together and show the rest of the world which is the strongest guild.


It's a well known fact that every army needs a leader. Find, forge and equip the best items for your powerful knights to maximize their characteristics.


You can compete, communicate and cooperate with thousands of other rulers presented on the global map.