Our Story

A pioneer in early browser-based gaming, XS Software JSCo created one of the first successful free-2-play empires in Eastern Europe and have since grown to develop and publish high quality cross-platform games all over the world.

Our journey started in 2005 with a team of several young enthusiasts, dreaming big. The result of their hard work was launching the first-ever browser-based game developed within Bulgaria. Converting their passion into meaningful work proved key for gathering an amazing team around the idea of creating immersive gameplay. This is what rocketed our games to millions of people around the globe.

In 2009, with the success of KhanWars, our team expanded significantly and was heavily invested in bringing new games to market. While developers were hard at work on new titles, our newly assembled in-house localization team made KhanWars available in more than 20 languages, which made it a popular choice for strategy lovers in over 70 countries worldwide.

This international success brought several new hard-core strategy games to the table, but most importantly, a first-ever for our team – Lady Popular. A casual, girly, dress-up game, with some RPG elements mixed into it, which over the course if its 10-year history, with many updates and new features, has transformed into the main project for the company. All our games have become fan favourites, with a very long user lifetime and thus KhanWars and Lady Popular are still among our top projects to this day.

With the development of new technology, XS Software has tasted all the gaming market had to offer – 3D games, VR games, even a Blockchain game project. This know-how allowed our team to bring our best titles to the new era and keep them up-to-date with the latest trends.

Serving more than 50,000,000 players over the past 10 years, both KhanWars and Lady Popular have gracefully evolved to the mobile era and are now enjoyed on almost any device.

Throughout its history, the company has undergone many changes, a lot of ups and downs, catalysts and obstacles, however one thing has always remained impregnable – a team that loves making great games. This is what keeps us going, what motivates us, what makes us successful.