36,000,000 registered players

75,000+ Unique clothing and appearance items

200+ exclusive events and collections

17 languages

20,000,000 registered players

14unique nations

100+ strategic battle formations

18 languages

Sofia Wars

SofiaWars is a fun, cynical, MMO game about life in the big city.


Nemexia is a hard-core space strategy where you can build your own galaxy of planets.


Andromeda 5 is a 3D MMORPG game. You can create awesome spaceships and fight for cosmic dominion.

Hero Zero

HeroZero is a MMORPG game that makes a regular old loser into a real hero.


A real comeback to the classic, isometric cRPGs with mature storyline that gives players a variety of moral choices.

Rage War

Rage War is cross-platform strategy game, that offers a journey through time combined with the hardship of surviving constant attacks from enemies.


Livada is an MMO game, with its two sides at a constant battle for dominance.

Penguin Farmer

Penguin Farmer is a casual Facebook game, in which you build and look after your very own farm.

Music Wars

Music Wars is a fun MMO games, where the fans of different types of music battle it out to see who is the best.

Jungle Jack

Jungle Jack is a mobile puzzle game, that leads your character through many obstacles in his goal to save his loved one.


Starlet is a social network and a MMO game, as well. You control your own Starlet and decide everything about her looks.